Commercial Real Estate For Sale

Commercial Real Estate For Sale

When looking for commercial real estate for sale, you should have a few key things in mind. You should know what type of property you’re looking for and how to determine the value of a property. There are many types of properties to choose from, including special purpose properties, brownfields, and Class C buildings. Once you have your goals in mind, you’ll want to find a team of professionals to work with you.

Mixed-use properties

Mixed-use commercial real estate for sale is becoming a popular choice for real estate investors due to several advantages. It is less risky than other types of commercial income properties and provides a broader variety of tenants. Moreover, mixed-use properties tend to use space efficiently. They also offer convenience for consumers.

Special purpose properties

Special purpose commercial real estate for sale is real estate that is primarily used for a certain purpose. This type of property may be custom-built or have a unique use. As a result, it can tie up a lot of company value. For this reason, it’s important to hire a specialist to value your property.


A significant thrust in commercial real estate today is brownfields redevelopment. These properties are often contaminated, and their redevelopment may be more complicated than it might seem. Environmental background studies and site investigations are often necessary to understand the risks and potential opportunities of brownfield properties. Once brownfield properties are acquired, they are often turned over to third-party developers or end-users for reuse.

Class C buildings

If you’re interested in investing in real estate, consider purchasing Class C commercial buildings for sale. These buildings are in a lower rent district and usually don’t need major renovations. But you should also keep in mind that these buildings are often old and in poor condition. These properties often sit empty for months, and they have lower rental rates, which can make them attractive to low-paying tenants.

Class A buildings

Class A commercial buildings are the highest quality in the market, offering the best finishes and amenity packages. They often have marble floors, high-speed internet, and fantastic views from outdoor patios. Some are also highly energy-efficient and have LEED certification. These buildings command the highest prices and rents. They are often only affordable by the most profitable companies.

Class B buildings

Class B commercial buildings for sale are a more affordable option than Class A buildings. They are generally less than four stories tall and have ample parking, HVAC, and maintenance systems. Additionally, these properties typically have decent quality management and are well-located in the suburbs or near major financial centers. Though not as nice as Class A buildings, these properties are still a good investment. These properties are often priced moderately and offer a great deal of potential for tenant improvements.

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