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GameCube Games – Why Buy a GameCube?

Nintendo GameCube was one of the last traditional home consoles to be developed. Many of the popular Nintendo games made their debut on the GameCube, but it was also surprisingly inexpensive, and it suffered at the hands of the PS2 and the first Xbox. However, with a new generation of consoles hitting the market, GameCube games are now more affordable than ever. If you are planning to buy a GameCube, here are some ideas to get you started:

The original GameCube had just three games, but it soon grew into an incredible list of franchises. For example, the first game from Sega was called “Monkey”, which involved rolling a monkey in a ball through mazes filled with bananas. The game didn’t let you directly control the monkey, but instead allowed you to tilt the device to guide your character around the levels. Thankfully, the sequel to this game featured a playable character named Link, which gave gamers a new reason to buy the GameCube.

Some of the most popular games on the GameCube are sports titles. Hit and Run is a classic example of this, and it features a unique system of conducting wind and controlling the game with the GameCube controller’s C-stick. Its reimagination of the Zelda 64 ocarina prompted many gamers to buy it. Its popularity led to sales of over 3 million copies worldwide, and the game was a huge hit.

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