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PCH Games Review

PCH Games is a popular casual game portal owned by Publishers Clearing House and based in New York City. Originally known as The Candystand, the website was originally launched by the LifeSavers Company, which was a subsidiary of Nabisco, Inc. PCH Games is considered one of the first major advergame portals on the World Wide Web. The site has grown to over 3 billion unique visitors per month and is still growing.

There are three levels of PCH gamers: Player, VIP Elite. All players start off as Players and must meet certain requirements to advance to the next level. To become a VIP Elite, players must complete at least 15 games out of every 30 days. They can also earn PCH points by completing their missions for the day. PCH is continually adding new games and rewards to keep their memberships fresh and exciting. It’s a great way to win free games on PCH!

The games themselves are fun and easy to play, but you do need to spend some time and money to play them. While the prizes are not large, they are worth the effort. You can even win millions of dollars if you play well. You can also earn tokens by searching for prizes on the website. In addition, you can earn more points if you play more than one game. The more tokens you win, the more money you will earn. Regardless of the game you choose to play, you’ll definitely enjoy your time playing these games.

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